Clean up Days

on the Canals- Northampton Arm 

Get involved with the local IWA along the Northampton arm by contacting dates for the whole of 2019 below 

The Big Scout Clear Up weekend 

Save the date

A weekend of Action in your local area 

13-14th July 2019.  our mission is to get as many groups out taking action in the big clean . more details to follow. 

Citizen Science - inaturalist  

Why not get involved in a citizen science project   You can use the iNaturalist app or visit to upload pictures and wildlife observations  - these will contribute  to a world wide database of biodiversity, supporting local and global research projects. 

Citizen Science Opal project 

Opal Explore Nature also has a wide range of citizen science surveys for families and groups - including the pollution levels in lakes and ponds  and counting bugs  - find out more at

Why not encourage your young people to take part in the No plastics Lunch initiative for the day or find out more about the oceans threats and how plastics in particular are damaging the oceans as part of your SNAPP challenge - 


Resources about Plastics in the sea can be found at  -

Or a lesson play can be found in our downloads section 


Use this handy video to help explain the impact of plastic in the sea. 

Info about Gyres

Programme Ideas Summer term -

World Oceans Day 8th June 2019