The SNAPP Project

Up for a Challenge?

Sign up to the SNAPP Project as a section, group or unit. Then complete the 5 challenges, one from each area, before Earth Hour March 2020.

There are 5 challenges for each section that are based around the same themes but with increasing time scales or commitment depending in the sections.

The Challenges


Take part in at least one group, sectional or personal challenge

Pledge to reduce single-use plastic consumption, be it straws or shampoo bottles! – take as many pledges as you like from the suggested pack list and record how you get on.  Record your section/group/personal saving of this type of plastic from landfill and let us know – Prizes for the biggest savers.


Take part in the "Find out More" activities from the resources

We suggest this should be as a minimum, 1 colony night in Beaver, Cubs 2 pack nights, Scouts 2-3 troop nights, Explorers 3 or more.  These will also contribute to the Global issues and environmental conservation badges.  The pack also includes information about  visits and trips you could take 


Take part in an environmental activity

Either work on a local issue, something whilst on a camp or join in with our Big Clean up weekend – we suggest that this should be at least 1 hour of Activity for Beavers, 2hours for Cubs, 4 Hours for Scouts, full day Explorers (these longer sessions can be split over of 2 days). Watch out for details of our Big Clean up weekend, and work with the canal and Riverside Trust.


Take part in at least one Campaign about the issues

(Follow guidelines on community impact badge for age specifications)

Find out about an issue and take some action. This could be set up a recycling scheme in the scout hut, write a letter to MPs about the issues, adopt an animal and find out about it and risks, take part in the international Earth Hour event. 

Watch this space for the countywide TerraCycle campaign


Tell someone all about it

Get your story out and tell your local community what you are doing about the issue. This could be part of the Explorer/Scout Media Badge – Prizes for the most media hits through the campaign and report back to us at country all your hard work over the year.

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