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Scouts Northamptonshire are launching a year long project in 2019/2020 to raise awareness and play our part in reducing this problem. 

Lord Baden Powell said that scouts should leave the world a little better than we found it.  However Marine life is facing "irreparable damage" from the millions of tonnes of plastic waste which ends up in the oceans each year.


Whilst the scale of the problem sounds vast, Scouts Northamptonshire has over 8000 active members, 6000 of which are young people, who collectively and within their wider family context stand to make an impact on the plastic waste of Northamptonshire by working together on this campaign for 2019/20.  With 8,000 Members – if we influence, our work, our environments, our families, our homes, in our local Scout community – what will 8,000 become?… 16,000?, 32,000

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