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Turtles rescuing adventures

Millie is an Earls Barton cub scout and has a special interest in turtles. We recently visited Crete for our summer holiday and this is what she wants to share about what she learnt from visiting the beaches where Loggerhead turtles nest.

I have just been to Crete for my summer holiday and we came across volunteers on the beach excavating a loggerhead turtle nest. They told us that they help to protect the nests by marking where they are and setting special shading corridors so that the baby turtles can have the best hope of reaching the sea on their own.  We watched them dig out the nest after most hatchlings should have gone to sea, if any were left, which we were lucky to see one hatchling,  they help them on their way and then count the empty shells and find out why some hadn't hatched. This helps them to protect the sea turtle and raise awareness.

They told us that because more people and hotels are using the beaches the nests are being disturbed by the lights, sunbeds and litter/plastic that we leave behind. 

 I learnt lots about how the turtles imprint on the beach and why it's important not to touch them and let them reach the sea alone. I also learnt that the nests have to stay undisturbed for 60 days to incubate after which the hatchlings come out at night and race to the sea. 

I hope when I'm older I can go and volunteer one summer to help protect the turtles. 

Please remember to avoid plastic pollution to help these fantastic turtles survive.

Millie Henderson

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